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South Africa by Mind Map: South Africa
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South Africa

14. Trustworthiness

Bedside teaching

Religion & Medicine

Spiritual counseling (breaking bad news)

read common Fatwa for common disease and procedure for the specialty


Clinical procedures

Clinical skills



Clinical procedures

Clinical skills


5- Teaching methods

Khoja- We should be more realistics about what can be offered and add the methods with more cost-benefit khoja: the teaching methods for the trainees and trainers (TTT)



The project will produce teaching materials for these face to face activities. The activities will be run by each hospital.

On-job Training

khoja- how we can max the on-job training?

2- Out-Come based Meta-Competencies

-Khoja:1 here we should use the out come based education As meta-competencies 2 each out-come may have different competencies3- what are the feasible outcome of the internship year (or 2 years :-) Amro:Please visit this map for a comprehensive view of: 1. Saudi Future Doctors Competencies (Dr. Rania Zaini Doctoral Thesis), 2. CanMEDS model

Web link

10- Quality assurance

Evaluation of teaching and learning



Stakeholders involvement

Cont. Evaluation

6- Assessment Methods

Formative- inforamal

Summative - Formal

4- Contents

a curriculum map is needed to show when and how each competence would be covered . Khoja: we should think about  the general team before we go further step on listing the content and mapping the curriculum KHOJA: If you whant to list the topics we should start a curreculum map ... however, this would not be a good method to develop the map ... it wast the effeot and time of the people .... just thought to be concedard

Longitudinal courses

a curriculum map is needed to show when and how each competence would be covered . - Khoja: this longitudinal courses can be covered


a curriculum map is needed to show when and how each competence would be covered . -Khoja: for each rotation the tasks, skels and learning outcomes, assessment methods, resources should be developed

Task-based education

3- Methods, strategies, approaches for the education

khoja- what are the educational strategies that can be used or adopted to help the interns to achieve the out-comes

1- Task-Based education

2- internet based education (e-learning)

3- Clinical rotations

4- integration

5- patient-centered "combativeness"

6- intern- centered

7- community oriented

1- Need Assessment and analysis

khoja- First of all, the basic steps is to develop and agree on methodological approach to develop the curricular based on acceptable scientific sounds methods "Khoja"

Develop team

understand the current situation Saudi/ other experience

Develop a methodological approach

khoja: it should be Evidence based and based on an acceptable methodological approaches

Need assessment

khoja: as general concept

It is counti. effort

logistics and support


7- Educational Environment

-khoja see the 40 items of PHEEM :-)..

Type of hospital

area of the hospital

8- Communication

khoja: 360 degree communication what is that?

within and between the curriculum developer (CD) teams

CD and policy makers



community public media


other stakeholders

training centers and Uni

9- Policies and procedures / Implementation

khoja: what are the regulation ? how this curr. will be managed ...ect -Implementation


Communication between different committees

Curriculum Development

Teaching Methods

Assessment Methods

The Project's General Strategic Plan

Khoja: before we go farther steps we have to stop and agree on methodological approach and strategic plan to be able to push this project further more to the right direction ... I believe the success of this project depends primarily on developing a solid basic ground we should utilize the (medical education , managements, business concepts ), networking and personal connections develop the feeling of ownership assure sustainability

The mission, Vision

The project outcomes


Core Values & Strategies

Khoja: For the Project / not the curriculum

Value chain

General Situation analysis - SWAT, PEST

Primary RoadMap

Project Management