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Lifelong learning by Mind Map: Lifelong learning

1. The concept

1.1. professional or personal development

1.2. self-motivated

1.3. voluntary basis

1.4. throughout life

2. Reasons to learn for personal and professional development

2.1. increase knowledge or skills in a hobby

2.2. learn a new skill that can enhance your life

2.3. learn how to interact with people better

2.4. learn how to take care yourself better

2.5. achieve a more satisfying personal life

2.6. get into the position you desire

3. Benefits of lifelong learning

3.1. it can renew self-motivation

3.2. you get to discover your personal interests

3.3. your self-confidence improves

3.4. it can challenge your ideas and beliefs

4. How to be a lifelong learner

4.1. make a list of what you want to learn

4.2. choose one thing you want to learn and identify the resourses available

4.3. structure in some time in your day to learn (make sure it's realistic)

4.4. make a commitment and try to learn everyday if possible