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Project Plan by Mind Map: Project Plan

1. write articles

1.1. pick an article title

1.1.1. research topic type keyword into google using quotes type keyword into make notes and sketch out draft in your own words

1.1.2. write finished article of around 500 words

1.1.3. spell check and check grammer for any mistakes

1.1.4. social bookmark go to enter password click "Post" Copy first 3 lines of the first paragraph and paste into "Notes" then press "enter" on keyboard enter Title and url, then press "enter" on keyboard add keywords in "tag" box tick "all services to post" tick "lifestyle" catagory box

1.1.5. ping article Add title and url enter captcha code into box tick "other" in catagory box ping!

2. Forum Commenting

2.1. search for forums in google

2.2. sign up, fill out profile, add signature and url

2.2.1. thelovelogic

2.2.2. 10 posts before you can add signature

2.2.3. loveadviceforum 10 posts before you can add signature

2.3. post on 2 forums each day

3. Facebook

3.1. status update

3.1.1. write a note write short article ping social bookmark tag facebook pages in relationship and dating niche using facebook as howtowinbackyourex Add image

3.1.2. create an infographic open photoplus select image from images folder add text relationship quotes broken heart quotes export infographic as jpg

3.1.3. post youtube video

3.1.4. link to ezinearticle

3.1.5. link to blog post

3.2. comment on facebook pages

3.2.1. use facebook as how to get your ex back

3.2.2. search for facebook pages in relationship and dating niche to comment on

4. Article Titles

4.1. what to text your ex to get him back

4.2. my ex is dating someone else

5. Twitter

6. Blog commenting

7. Blog Guest posting

8. New node

8.1. New node

8.1.1. New node