Advertising and Social Media

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Advertising and Social Media by Mind Map: Advertising and Social Media

1. Brands do not fully understand the value of social media for advertising and in their business

1.1. How can advertising and social media work together?

1.2. Problem 2

2. Objective of research

2.1. How can advertising and social media work together?

2.1.1. How social media function?

2.2. How social media can aid advertisers reach out to target audience?

2.2.1. Sublimely?

2.3. Methods to leverage on Social Networks?

2.4. Different advertising platforms to create personalized advertising

2.5. How brands can be educated on social media?

3. Personalized ads

3.1. Facebook

3.2. google search

3.3. Personalized results based on data collected about people's activity online

3.4. youtube

3.5. twitter

4. Consumers are barely paying attention to generic advertisments

5. The idea of Personalized Advertising accoss different platforms, enpowered by social networks.

5.1. Video

5.2. Activation

5.3. Ambient

5.4. Interactive Prints

6. Bonding by proximity to personal information on the web

6.1. When brands are connecte to consumer's concept of themselves, positive feelings can rub off on the brands - affecting buying decisions.

6.2. Consumers are willing to provide a wealth of personal information online.

7. Hypothesis Idea

7.1. Positioning ads next to target audience information

7.2. TA's hobbies, lifestyles, work and likes

7.3. Resonance to link brands to people's identity and subconscious mind - Implicit self-referencing

7.3.1. Positive attitude towards product or brand in result

8. Generic Ads Vs Personalized Ads