The Dark Knight

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The Dark Knight by Mind Map: The Dark Knight

1. Key Events/Moments in the movie

1.1. Lucy- When Harvey Dent has Gordan's kids and wife

1.1.1. The scene near the end of the movie when Harvey Dent has taken Gordan's children and wife hostage in the place where Rachel killed is a significant moment because it is Harvey's moment as the villain. It is he getting revenge for the action that spurred him into becoming a villain. There is something about the idea of him flipping a coin to chose whether the person lives or dies, that I like. Because he is leaving it to chance. Though I also think that is how Harvey Dent tries to justify his actions, because he doesn't kill everyone.

1.2. Sam- the scene where the joker turns up at Harvey Dent's fundraiser

1.2.1. This scene happens after the viewer sees that the joker has targeted 3 people, Judge Surrillo, Commissioner Loeb and Harvey Dent. We see that Judge Surrillo has been killed and so has the Commissioner, then the Joker walks in to kill Harvey Dent. The Joker is killing all of these people just so that he can find out who Batman is, Batman would not give in and he keeps on encouraging The Joker to stop what he is doing because killing people is wrong in Batman's eyes. Batman won't kill a villain, that is his one rule and the Joker keeps on pushing him to break it.

1.3. Steph the bit where there are the people in the boat

1.3.1. The scene in the film where the prisoners are on one boat and the civilians are on the other is a very powerful depiction of some of the core morals human possess even when it comes to a life or death situation. The Joker gives both groups a detonator to the others boat and they must decide whether to use it creating conflict and showing just how sinister the Joker is.

1.4. George

1.4.1. Batman telling Lucius fox that he turned all the phones in gotham into spying devices and him saying that as long as that machine is at Wayne Industries he won't be. Then him typing in his name to the machine and it destroying itself, restoring Lucius's faith in Batman.

1.5. Josh-when harvey gets turned into two face

1.5.1. The transformation of harvey dent shows how even the "White Knight" of gotham, the best of the heroes could be corrupted with just a few words and actions, partly proving jokers saying: "You don know how alone you really are" to be true. His character is also a reflection of many things in the movie e.g how you first see Harvey's good side but then see how things don't always turn out like they are supposed too , shows in many parts of the movie, not just as Harvey the character, but also his two faced coin which gets scarred and other various elements.

2. Characters

2.1. Josh- Alfred

2.1.1. The mentor like figure to bruce wayne is the closest thing to family for bruce after the murder of his parents, he plays many major roles in the movie, with the stories he tells and advice he gives to bruce. He is part of the reason why bruce wayne took action to become batman.

2.2. Sam- Rachel

2.2.1. Rachel has started off in the movie as the partner to Harvey Dent and the viewer sees her introduced into the story from a television broadcast about Harvey Dent. Later on throughout the film we can see that Bruce Wayne and Rachel had been in a relationship and that Rachel had been the only one who had figured out that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Throughout the film we see that Bruce Wayne is trying to win over Rachel's affection by saying that 'Gotham need a hero with a face.' And that the day is coming when Batman won't be needed anymore in Gotham. Harvey pulls Rachel aside to ask her what her answer is which means that it is most likely that he has asked her to marry him but she hasn't given her answer because she isn't sure about her feeling for Harvey or Bruce. When Rachel was kidnapped by the Joker's men, she says to Harvey in her final words 'the answer is yes' and that shows how much she loved him by the end before her death. Rachel gave a note to Alfred before she died and she said to give it to Bruce. It said that she was going to marry Harvey Dent and that she can't wait around for the day when Gotham doesn't need Batman anymore. Rachel had grown from a women who didn't know about her feelings to a women who got caught up in Gotham's crime and she admitted her love for Harvey.

2.3. Steph- Joker

2.3.1. The Joker is a twisted person, influenced by his experiences when he was younger and treats several very serious situations as games, hence his name being the joker. Tries to turn the cities morals on its head and against Batman. The Joker tries to gain control of Gotham city by getting Batman to release his true identity. He wants nothing more than to 'see the world burn' and is not terrorising the city for money or any materialistic gain.

2.4. George - Batman

2.4.1. Batman is very conflicted, he wants to help Gotham and is driven by his duty to it. But he is also Batman for himself, he can't stop being Batman even though if he stopped being Batman Rachael said that they could have a life together.

2.5. Lucy - Harvey Dent

2.5.1. Harvey Dent is Gotham's District Attorney, he is trying to do his best to improve Gotham City, and it seen as Gotham City's White Knight. He is open and honest, and where Batman is not, he gives a face to the people, where Bruce Wayne does not want people to know what he is doing for the town, Harvey finds that important. Harvey Dent allies himself with Batman and Gordan to help take down the mafia in Gotham city, and he is very successful at locking up a majority of the men. It is his loss of his loved one Rachel, which spurs him into becoming 'Two Face', half of his face having been burnt off in a simultaneous explosion to the one that killed Rachel. He was seeking revenge, going after the people that he believed had caused Rachel's death, including Gordan. He was corrupted by losing the person that he loved, and went from being Gotham City's White Knight, to another villain for the Dark Knight to fight.

3. Relationships

3.1. Josh-Batman and Harvey Dent

3.1.1. The relationship between the dark night and Harvey show them both sharing the role of Gotham's protectors: the two Knights, the two are portrayed like black and white, two contrasting shades of grey, originating from the same tone. Harvey is portrayed in the beginning as the White knight, the protector people can trust, the protector whom everyone can see for who he is. Batman is portrayed as the Dark knight the protector who hides in the shadows and protects in "Secrecy", never showing his true identity to the people he tries to protect except those he trusts the most.

3.2. Sam- Batman and Commissioner Gordon

3.2.1. The relationship between Batman and Gordon is a weird relationship. Commissioner Gordon is probably the closet person to Batman apart form Alfred. Commissioner Gordon doesn't know Batman's identity but he has a close relationship where they work together to solve crimes but they still look out for each other

3.3. Steph Bruce Wayne and Racheal

3.3.1. Bruce Wayne and Racheal have a very broken and complicated relationship. Harvey Dent and Racheal are dating and near the middle of the movie Dent even proposes to Racheal but the underlying romantic relationship between Bruce Wayne and Racheal pulls them apart. Both Racheal and Bruce Wayne have officially moved on but really they are still involved with each other romantically. The audience understands this secret relationship and sympathise with both Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne as they are both in love with the same woman. Racheal doesn't know who to choose creating a certain level of tension between her and Harvey and Bruce Wayne.

3.4. George - Batman and the Joker

3.4.1. The Joker feels that he needs the Batman because he "completes [him]" the Joker is bored with ripping off smaller criminals and manipulating the police. He wants more of a challenge and Batman is that challenge. Batman feels that he is the cause for the Joker, his ability attracts a criminal with more ability.

3.5. Lucy- Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox

3.6. Lucius Fox is one of the few people who know Bruce Wayne's identity as Batman, which shows that the two have a close and trusting relationship. Bruce trusts Lucius to make all the weapons and equipment and everything that he needs to be batman, he also puts Lucius in charge of the appliance that maps out Gotham, and allows him to see the city. "This is too much power for one person." "That is why I gave it to you." That alone shows the trust Bruce has for Lucius, and shows Lucius' personality, especially as he declares that as long as that device is at Wayne enterprises he won't be.

4. Production Techniques

4.1. Lucy- Sound

4.1.1. The sound is used to emphasis and add to the mood of the scene, through music, or lack of. It speeds up and gets louder in more dramatic moments, it gets fast paced with action scenes, such as when the Joker and the clowns were attacking the bank, the music speeds up. When the movie starts, the sound brings you straight into the scene, it is quiet with background sound of cars, however the music soundtrack starts once the window has been smashed in. The music always relates to the scene, it is quieter and slower in places, but faster when it needs to build drama, and gain the full attention of the watcher.

4.2. Sam- Camera Angles

4.2.1. The camera angles/shots in this film show us (the viewer) on how the director wants us to see the film. At the beginning of the film when the Joker is introduced to us in the story, when he takes off his mask the camera shot is down low (as if we are looking up to him) showing the viewer that he is evil and that he is superior to the victim. There were camera shots that were low like when Batman was dragging Lao throughout the building to get him back to Gotham. There were quite a few helicopter shots as well in this film like shots of Hong Kong in the morning and night, and shots of Gotham city in the daytime and night time. This is showing what the city is like at night as well as the day and how it has changed.

4.3. Steph- Special Effects

4.3.1. The special effects in this movie are mostly to do with the action sequences. Stunts and explosions are constructed to add impact and excitement to the film. The director uses very realistic and sometimes exaggerated special effects to bring the comic book hero aspect of the story to life

4.4. George- Music

4.4.1. The great dramatic sweeping music that sound whenever Batman is standing above the city looking down portrays him as great and powerful. The music that plays when something dramatic is happening enhances the mood and tine of the film.

4.5. Josh- Lighting

4.5.1. Lighting has a key role in showing the mood of various scenes in this movie, the movie overall uses darker low lit or artificial lighting to show despair, mystery, fear ,mystery and the unknown represented in this film, so lighting plays a major part in this movie.