What helps Matai9 Learn?

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What helps Matai9 Learn? by Mind Map: What helps Matai9 Learn?

1. Things that help us now.

1.1. The license levels help me stay on task

1.2. Working with people who aren't my best friends - helps me stay on task.

1.3. Using technology!

1.4. The great teachers!

1.5. Reading out aloud helps me read better.

1.6. The Rocket Spelling Lists.

1.7. Wanting to get up the ladder

1.8. S.D.L. and being more independent. (x3)

1.9. My friends help me.

1.10. The activities in the rocket spelling lists.

1.11. Seeing what we are learning - visual learners

1.12. Pow Wow Pals - gets our brains working in the morning.

1.13. Doing a little bit better each day.

2. Suggestions for improvements.

2.1. Brainfood that is healthy.

2.2. More small balls practise

2.3. Not letting people get away with not finishing their work.

2.4. More ART!

2.5. More field trips

2.6. Talking with experts.

2.7. Having more tests at spelling and basic facts