Common Assumptions about Childhood

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Common Assumptions about Childhood by Mind Map: Common Assumptions about Childhood

1. Society's ideas about children are a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy.

2. Children in idiology

3. What people believe determines how they operate.

4. Anyone who wants to help children in their encounters with literature needs o try to develop that understanding.

5. Never pinpoint the "obviousnesses" Children have short attentions spans. They are innocent by nature and highly imaginative.

6. Why assusmptions may be true?

7. They may be scientific facts

8. Children identifiable stages.

9. Why they cannot be the whole truth?

9.1. Generalizations

10. Children's thinking is less sophisticated than adult thinking

11. Adults have to make an effort to colonize children's literature.

11.1. This involves learning a selected rage of meanings.