William Robert (Bill) Dixon

A network analysis of the recorded works of Bill Dixon.

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William Robert (Bill) Dixon by Mind Map: William Robert (Bill) Dixon

1. Jeb Bishop

2. Rob Mazurek

3. John Blum

4. Archie Shepp Group (1969)

4.1. Clifford Thornton

4.2. Dave Burrell

4.3. Alan Silva

4.4. Sunny Murray

4.5. Ted Joans

4.6. Don Lee

5. Alan Silva's Recordings as Leader

5.1. Skillfulness

5.1.1. Becky Friend

5.1.2. Karl Berger

5.1.3. Mike Ephron

5.1.4. Dave Burrell

5.1.5. Barry Altschul

5.1.6. Laurence Cook

5.2. Alan Silva and the Sound Visions Orchestra

5.2.1. Scott Currie

5.2.2. J. D. Parran

5.2.3. Andrew Lamb

5.2.4. Sabir Mateen

5.2.5. Rob Brown

5.2.6. Ori Kaplan

5.2.7. Elliot Levin

5.2.8. Willilam Connell

5.2.9. Karen Borca

5.2.10. Mark Taylor

5.2.11. Art Baron

5.2.12. Bill Lowe

5.2.13. Joe Daley

5.2.14. Roy Campbell Jr.

5.2.15. Taylor Ho Bynum

5.2.16. Stephen Haynes

5.2.17. Jackson Krall

5.2.18. Mark Hennen

5.2.19. Wilber Morris

5.2.20. Steve Dalachinsky

5.2.21. Kidd Jordan

6. Archie Shepp/Bill Dixon: Archie Shepp/Bill Dixon Quartet

6.1. Archie Shepp

6.1.1. Archie Shepp Recordings as Leader (and Prinicpal recordings as 'sideman' Archie Shepp Trio (1965) David Izenzon J.C. Moses Archie Chepp and the New York Contemporary Five Ted Curson Don Cherry John Tchicai Ronnie Boykins Sunny Murray

6.2. Don Moore

6.3. Paul Cohen

6.4. Reggie Workman

6.4.1. Reggie Workman's recordings as leader (and Principal Recordings as sideman) Ole (John Coltrane) John Coltrane Eric Dolphy (aka 'George Lane') Freddie Hubbard McCoy Tyner Art Davis Elvin Jones Reggie Workman Ensemble: Synthesis Oliver Lake Marilyn Cirspell Andrew Cyril

6.5. Howard McRae

7. Archie Shepp/ Bill Dixon: Winter Song

7.1. Ken McIntyre

7.2. George Barrow

7.3. Howard Johnson

7.4. David Izenzon

7.5. Hal Dodson

7.6. Howard McRae

8. Cecil Taylor: Conquistador

8.1. Cecil Taylor

8.1.1. Cecil Taylor Recordings as leader Student Studies (1966) Jimmy Lyons Andrew Cyrille Alan Silva The Eighth (1981) William Parker Jimmy Lyons Rashid Bakr Winged Serpent (Sliding Quadrants) Enrico Rava Tomasz Stanko Jimmy Lyons Frank Wright John Tchicai Gunter Hampel Karen Borca William Parker Rasid Bakr Andre Martinez Unit Structures Eddie Gale Stevens Jr. Ken McIntyre Henry Grimes Alan Silva Andrew Cyrille Alms/Tiergarten Enrico Rava Tomasz Stanko Peter van Bergen Peter Brotzmann Hans Koch Evan Parker Louis Sclavis Hannes Bauer Christian Radovan Wolter Wierbos Martin Mayes Gunter Hampel Tristan Honsinger Peter Kowald William Parker Han Bennink Leaf Palm Hand Tony Oxley Nailed Barry Guy Tony Oxley Evan Parker Qu'a Jackson Krall Dominic Duvall Harri Sjostrom Orchestra Humane (Ubuntu) -- note, not a "record' per se, but a documented performance at Iridium in 2004 (?) Taylor Ho Bynum Stephen Haynes Amir El Saffar Tobias Netta Steve Swell Jeff Hoyer Bill Lowe Bobby Zankel Will Connell Sabir Mateen Elliott Levin J. D. Parran Dominic Duval Jackson Krall

8.2. Jimmy Lyons

8.3. Alan Silva

8.4. Andrew Cyrille

9. Bill Dixon: Intents and Purposes

9.1. Jimmy Cheatham

9.2. Robin Kenyatta

9.3. Byard Lancaster

9.4. George Marge

9.5. Catherine Norris

9.6. Jimmy Garrison

9.7. Reggie Johnson

9.8. Robert Frank Pozar

9.9. Mark Levin

10. Marzette Watts: The Marzette Watts Ensemble

10.1. Marzette Watts

10.2. Steve Tintweiss

10.3. Tom Berge

11. Bill Dixon: Collection

12. Bill Dixon: Bill Dixon 1982 (Edizioni Ferrari)

13. Bill Dixon: Considerations 1

13.1. Stephen Horenstein

13.2. Alan Silva

13.3. Henry Letcher

14. Bill Dixon: Considerations 2

14.1. Jim Tifft

14.2. Jeff Hoyer

14.3. Stephen Horenstein

14.4. Jay Ash

14.5. Chris Billias

15. Franz Koglmann/Bill Dixon: Opium / For Franz

15.1. Franz Koglmann

15.2. Steve Horenstein

15.3. Alan Silva

15.4. Muhammad Malli

16. Bill Dixon (?) Verona Jazz

16.1. Arthur Brooks

16.2. Stephen Haynes

16.3. Steve Horenstein

16.4. Alan Silva

16.5. Freddie Waits

16.5.1. Freddie Waits as sideman Strange Serenade (Andrew HIll) Andrew Hill Alan Silva Time for Tyner (McCoy Tyner) McCoy Tyner Bobby Hutcherson Herbie Lewis

17. Bill Dixon: In Italy Vol. 1

17.1. Arthur Brooks

17.2. Stephen Haynes

17.3. Stephen Horenstein

17.4. Freddie Waits

17.5. Alan Silva

18. Bill Dixon: In Italy Vol. 2

18.1. Arthur Brooks

18.2. Stephen Haynes

18.3. Stephen Horenstein

18.4. Freddie Waits

18.5. Alan Silva

19. Bill Dixon: November 1981

19.1. Mario Pavone

19.2. Alan Silva

19.3. Laurence Cook

20. Bill Dixon: Thoughts

20.1. Marco Eneidi

20.1.1. Marco's Solo recordings Vermont Spring 1986 William Parker Dennis Charles Marco "Eneidi Coalition Glen Spearman Raphe Malik Jackson Krall William Parker Final Disconnect Notice Karen Borca William Parker Wilber Morris Jackson Krall Marco Eneidi & The American Jungle Orchestra Alex Weiss Glen Spearman Jon Raskin Bruce Ackley Phillip Greenleaf Hal Forman Ron Heglin Chris Cox Tom Heasley Tara Flandreu Matthew Goodheart George Cremaschi Ashley Adams Damon Smith Jackson Krall Garth Powell Live at Radio Valencia Glen Spearman William Parker Jackson Krall Cherry Box William Parker Donald Robinson B.E.E.K. Peter Brotzman Lisle Ellis Jackson Krall American Roadwork Lisle Ellis Peter Valsamis

20.2. John Buckingham

20.3. Peter Kowald

20.3.1. PK's Recordings as Leader 1981, Paintings, FMP 0960. Bass duos with Barry Guy Barry Guy 1985, Meltable snaps it - Points blank + No Man's Land nml 8604cd. Michael Lytle/George Cartwright/David Moss David Moss 2000, Mirrors - broken but no dust, Balance Point Acoustics BPA 001. Duo with Damon Smith. Damon Smith 2000, Ghetto calypso, Not Two Records MW 769. Marco Eneidi/Peter Kowald/Damon Smith/Spririt. Marco Eneidi Damon Smith 2001, Principle hope, Sublingual Records SLR012. Carter/Cook/Kowald/LaMaster. Laurence Cook 2002, The Victoriaville tape, Victo cd088. Peter Kowald/William Parker duo.

20.4. William Parker

20.5. Mario Pavone

20.6. Laurence Cook

21. Bill Dixon: Son of Sysiphus

21.1. Laurence Cook

21.2. John Buckingham

21.3. Mario Pavone

22. Bill Dixon: Vade Mecum

22.1. William Parker

22.1.1. William Parker recordings as Leader By All Means Necessary, Live at the Crecendo Rashid Ali Charles Gayle Other Dimensions in Music Daniel Carter Roy Campbell Rashid Bakr In Order To Survive Grachan Moncur III Rob Brown Lewis Barnes Cooper-Moore Dennis Charles William Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra: Flowers Grow In My Room Rob Brown Marco Eneidi Will Connell Chris Jonas Assif Tsahar Richard Keene Dave Sewelson Joe Ruddick Dave Hofstra Lewis Barnes Richard Rodriguez Roy Campbell Alex Lodico Masahiko Kono Steve Swell Billy Bang Leopanar Witlarge Akira Ando Hal Onserud Gregg Bendian Susie Ibarra Shoji Hano William Parker Clarinet Trio: Bob's Pink Cadillac Perry Robinson Walter Perkins William Parker Bass Quartet Featuring Charles Gayle: Requiem Charles Gayle Alan Silva Sirone Henry Grimes Petit Oseau Rob Brown Lewis Barnes Hamid Drake Beyond Quantum Anthony Braxton Milford Graves

22.2. Barry Guy

22.2.1. BG's recordings as leader Paintings Peter Kowald Supersession Evan Parker Eddie Prevost Keith Rowe Atlanta Evan Parker Paul Lytton After Appleby Evan Parker Paul Lytton Marilyn Crispell New node New node

22.3. Tony Oxley

22.3.1. Tony Oxley Recordings as Leader The Tony Oxley Quartet Matt Wand Pat Thomas Derek Bailey Tony Oxley/The B.I.Mi.P Quartet Phil Wachsmann Pat Thomas Matt Wand

23. Bill Dixon: Vade Mecum II

23.1. William Parker

23.2. Barry Guy

23.3. Tony Oxley

24. Tony Oxley: The Enchanted Messenger

24.1. Tony Oxley

24.1.1. Phil Wachsmann

24.1.2. Alex Kolkowski

24.1.3. Marcio Mattos

24.1.4. Alfred Zimmerlin

24.1.5. Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky

24.1.6. Frank Gratkowski

24.1.7. Johannes Bauer

24.1.8. Matt Wand

24.1.9. Pat Thomas

24.1.10. Phil Minton

24.1.11. Joe Thones

24.1.12. Tony Levin

24.1.13. Stefan Holker

25. Bill Dixon / Tony Oxley: Papyrus Vol. 1

25.1. Tony Oxley

26. Bill Dixon / Tony Oxley: Papyrus Vol. 2

26.1. Tony Oxley

27. Bill Dixon: Berlin Abbozzi

27.1. Tony Oxley

27.2. Matthias Bauer

27.3. Klaus Koch

28. Bill Dixon: Odyssey

28.1. David Moss

28.2. Laurence Cook

28.3. Leslie Winston

29. Cecil Taylor / Bill Dixon / Tony Oxley: C. Taylor - B. Dixon - T. Oxley

29.1. Tony Oxley

29.2. Cecil Taylor

30. Bill Dixon: 17 Musicians in Search of a Sound: Darfur

30.1. Graham Haynes

30.2. Stephen Haynes

30.3. Taylor ho Bynum

30.3.1. THB's Solo Recordings The Double Trio: Live at The Festival of New Trumpet Music Stephen Haynes Allan Jaffe Mary Halvorson Warren Smith Thomas Fujiwara

30.4. Dick Griffin

30.5. Steve Swell

30.5.1. Steve Swell recordings of relevance to this project Slamming the Infinite live @ the Vision FEstival Sabir Mateen Matt Heyner Klaus Klugel Invisible Cities Perry Robinson The Implicate Order at Seixal Ken Filiano Lou Grassi Rodrigo Amado Paulo Curado Real Time Messengers Daniel Carter Tom Abbs Dave Brandt Suite for Players, Listeners and Other Dreamers Will Connell Roy Campbell Charles Burnham Kevin Norton Francois Grillot

30.6. Joseph Daly

30.7. Karen Borca

30.7.1. Karen Borca's principal recordings Give it Up Jimmy Lyons Wee Sneezeawee New node New node

30.8. Will Connel

30.9. Michel Cote

30.10. Andrew Raffo Dewar

30.10.1. MA Thesis on Bill Dixon, Wesleyan University

30.11. John Hagen

30.12. J.D. Parran

30.12.1. JD Parran's principal recordings Spiritstage Stephen Haynes Bill Ware Brad Jones Warren Smith Joan Bouise Tony Cedras Shirley Bradley LeFlore Kelvyn Bell

30.13. Glynis Lowman

30.14. Andrew Lafkas

30.15. Jackson Krall

30.15.1. Jackson Krall's recordings (principal and as leader) Jackson Krall & the Secret Music Society Yaya Mohammed Majid Earl Cross Marco Eneidi William Parker

30.16. Warren Smith

31. Exploding Star Orchestra: Bill Dixon with the Exploding Star Orchestra

31.1. Nicole Mitchell

31.2. Matt Bauder

31.3. Josh Berman

31.4. Jeff Parker

31.5. Jim Baker

31.6. Jason Adesewicz

31.7. Matthew Lux

31.8. Jason Ajemian

31.9. Mike Reed

31.10. John Herndon

31.11. Damon Locks

32. Bennington College

33. Bill Dixon Ensemble at Firehouse 12

33.1. Stephen Haynes

33.2. Taylor Ho Bynum

33.3. Graham Haynes

33.4. Rob Mazurek

33.5. Michel Cote

33.6. Glynis Lowman

33.7. Ken Filiano

33.8. Warren Smith

33.9. New node

34. Wesleyan University

35. "Index" (live performance at Vision Festival

35.1. John Blum

35.2. Warren Smith

35.3. Wilbur Morris

35.4. Glynnis Loman

35.5. Jeff Hoyer

35.6. Steve Swell

35.7. Karen Borca

35.8. Bill Lowe

35.9. Joe Daley

35.10. Matt Heyner

35.11. Will Connell

35.12. J. D. Parren

35.13. Stephen Horenstein

35.14. Sabir Mateen

35.15. Rob Brown

35.16. Scott Currie

35.17. Taylor Ho Bynum

35.18. Roy Campbell

35.19. Raphe Malik

35.20. Stephen Haynes