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Nocion de ingles by Mind Map: Nocion de ingles

1. ABC

1.1. A =ei B =bi C = ci

2. Verb to be

2.1. to be to be to have

2.1.1. they can be in two ways Full forms . I am Short forms . I'm

3. Pronouns

3.1. Subject pronouns

3.1.1. personal pronoun I You She

3.2. Object pronouns

3.2.1. they work as a complement and receive the action Me You Her

3.3. Possesives adjetive

3.3.1. Whose? My Your Her

3.4. Possesives pronouns

3.4.1. who owns something Mine Yours Hers

3.5. Reflexives pronouns

3.5.1. The subject does the action himself Myself Yourself Herself

4. Simple present

4.1. is the action that occurs at the moment

4.1.1. I play

5. ask with the verb to be


5.1.1. ¿ are you a teacher? ¿ am i late?

6. Demostratives pronouns

6.1. points out the position of people or things

6.1.1. this, these, here, then, etc..