Cell:Fundamental Unit of life

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Cell:Fundamental Unit of life by Mind Map: Cell:Fundamental Unit of life

1. How to Define? •Cell is the basic unit of life •It is the fundamental unit of life •It is the structural and functional unit of life. •It is the building block of life.

2. Cell Theory(Primitive) •All living beings are composed of cell and their Products •Cell could be generated spontaneously.

3. Modern Cell Theory:- • All living beings are composed of cell and their products. • All cells arise from pre-existing cell.(omnis cellula-e-cellula). Given by Rudolf Virchow

4. Types of Cell:-

4.1. On the basis of nucleus or Constitution:- 1) Prokaryotic (primitive nucleus) 2) Eukaryotic (true nucleus)

4.2. On the basis of no. of cells 1) Multicellular 2) Unicellular

5. Shape and Size of Cell:- •Cell shape and Size ~ Function Ex:-1.Neurons are elongated because they have to transmit information. 2.RBC's are disc like because they need large area to carry oxygen.

6. Structure of Cell:- 1. Plasma Membrane 2. Nucleus(N) 3. Cytoplasm(C) P = N + C (P is protoplasm) 4.Cell Wall (only in plant cell)