Interview with #105. Founder of a software business

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Interview with #105. Founder of a software business by Mind Map: Interview with #105. Founder of a software business

1. Entrepreneurship is something you need to do at some stage

1.1. work intensity

1.2. the best and worse of your life

1.2.1. within minutes!

2. Serendipity

2.1. Found the idea of this business (calculator) while studying for a class

2.2. You want to be lucky, not right!

2.2.1. His demo worked during the presentation to their last potential client

3. Attributes

3.1. Perseverance

3.1.1. "Top quality for an entrepreneur"

3.1.2. Kept coding for an extra semester, and another one

3.2. Passion

3.2.1. I learned everything there was about calculators, I interviewed all teams who built them,…

3.3. Motivation

3.3.1. dropped in 3rd year of Stanford to finish it 3 others did too nobody would support you in doing so! his mother still send him a Standford watch every year undergraduate is the best time to start a company noting to lose

4. Hero / Mentor

4.1. Not mentioned

5. Want to do something different

5.1. Yes