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The Problem Page by Mind Map: The Problem Page

1. Dear Sonia, I am writing to you for advice because I don't know what to do. I am 11 years old and I like music a lot. I really want to learn to play a musical instrument… I would like to learn to play the guitar but I live in a remote village and there are neither music teachers nor any musical instruments in my school. The nearest big city is about eighty kilometres far from where I live. My class visited a music festival in Thessaloniki a week ago and I was so pleased to listen to musicians play so many different instruments. I also heard that if children listen to classical music, they become smarter. I know that if I had money, I would buy many musical instruments for my school. This is my problem. What could I do? I really want to learn to play the quitar. Please answer as soon as possible. Yours, Maria

2. of a letter of advice:

3. ➢ greeting

4. ➢ an opening paragraph

5. ➢ main part

6. ➢ closing paragraph

7. ➢ signing off

8. Write new words