Videos for Website and Boots and Bling

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Videos for Website and Boots and Bling by Mind Map: Videos for Website and Boots and Bling

1. Resources

1.1. Old Footage

1.1.1. Some Drone Shots

1.1.2. Interviews

1.1.3. Farm Shots

1.2. New Footage

1.2.1. Olivia B Roll

1.2.2. Might be able to get Brother in Law Jeff Beth's Friend From Chicago

1.2.3. Photos

2. Video Ideas

2.1. How it Works (What's The Science)

2.1.1. Integrated Therapies 6 Basic Human Needs Certainty / Security Uncertainty and Novelty Significance Connection and Love Growth and Development Contribution Family Systems Therapy Example Why Horses Dynamic Tool Prey Animal Looking For Partner Presents a Clear Danger if not paying attention

2.1.2. Individual Therapies Physical / Occupational Therapy Core Conditioning Flexibility Programming Gait Bilateral Stimulation Motivation and Attention OOC Psychological Therapy Interesting Stories NAMI Speech and Language Brain Centers Stimulated by Horse Bilateral Stimulation Volunteering Spirtual Community Development

2.2. What to Expect

2.2.1. Practice Areas Health ​Therapeutic Riding Occupational & Physical Therapy Counseling - Individual & Family ᵒ ᵇ Life & Wellness Coaching Social Social Skills Groups ​Youth Program Community Leadership Opportunities Education and Resources ​Master Classes and Workshops Online Caregiver Group Advocacy Support ᵒ ᵇ Referral Network ​Supervised Internships for Professional Degrees

3. Full Circle or Integrated Stories

3.1. Physical Stories

3.1.1. Knowles Family

3.2. Psycho Social Stories

4. ToDo

4.1. Articles

4.2. Beth to Think and Synthesize

4.2.1. Subject