Factors involved in our discourse

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Factors involved in our discourse by Mind Map: Factors involved in our discourse

1. Discourse and society

1.1. Aspects of the social and cultural settings of spoken and written discourse

2. Discourse communities and speech communities

2.1. Discourse community

2.1.1. group of people who share characteristics in their discourse members of a church group common goals own terminology and vocabulary differente degrees of membership (hierarchy) a member migh have differents roles in the community a member might belong to another community

2.2. Speech community

2.2.1. includes the discourse community and its language varieties

2.2.2. know and understand the language as well as know where and when use it

2.3. important for the effective use of spoken and written discourse

3. Gender identity

3.1. use of language do gender which is a social identity

3.1.1. Gender is something that a person does language patterns associated with a specific sex

3.2. gender = biological category of sex

4. Discourse, social class and social networks

4.1. Impact on how speakers represent themselves to each other in their use of spoken and written discourse

4.1.1. social class structure of society people belongs to a social class (member of a social class)

4.1.2. social networks everyday contacts people interect in the social networks (part of a social network)

4.2. Even though you belong to a social class which has a type of language, you use of language is different in your social network

5. Discourse and sexuality

5.1. Through your language you motivates desire for intimates conections (unconscious)

6. Discourse and language choice

6.1. people choose the language depending of a particular community they belong

6.1.1. many factors must to be account when someone choose the language family religious education employment environment

6.1.2. but, a speech situation can be made for more than a speech community movies i.e. an England movie is made to be seen all over the world interviews

7. Discourse and ideology

7.1. Spoken and written language is the performance of politically and historically process

7.1.1. Through analysis and interpretations it is possible to undertand the ideology of a text

8. Within these social groups an networks, there are various ways we express our social identity

8.1. The identities are constructed, in which people create them through their use of language

8.1.1. People create identities through their use of language Casual conversations are socially-constructed Academic discourse may influence and overlap in second language users

9. Identities we express

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