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Concave, a Simple CMS by Mind Map: Concave, a Simple CMS
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Concave, a Simple CMS

Content Types System

Based on plone's dexterity infrastructure

Few builtin types

Create revision

If we have working-copy support, you'd create revisions

Plugin points


Static file support

New content type fields

New Content Types

Templates for existing types

Directories of templates

UI System

Site theme provided by deliverance/middleware

Inner-pages composed of viewlet

This is an area where it's really easy to get complicated quickly.

Ability to register new templates through the filesystem for existing content types



Do we have roles?

Do we bother to support per-user customized content

Do public (non-content-managing) users ever log in?

How do we support commenting? Could we just use Disqus and export later?

Workflow Support

hurry.workflow integrated with authorization

Simple working copy support for editing documents

Import/export support



We should definitely see what's reusable from Plone's transmogify, which is a project for creating generic importers  

Design notes

Ship with a set of paster templates for creating new skins, content types, and other stuff

UI Components should be able to tell you where they live on the filesystem

Connecting a view class to a template should be done through filenaming and directories, over-rideable in the python

Directory layout can be something like this /plugin/schemata /plugin/models /plugin/view/view_classes /plugin/view/viewlet_classes /plugin/view/view_templates plugin/view/viewlet_templates Names of templates and classes can match one-to-one, and we call it a day.

Filesystem pages

Provide base-classes for creating sets of file-system pages that are written in ZPT/chameleon and served straight off the file system

Nonsexy, basic CMS stuff

Cut, Copy, Paste, Move, Delete

Undo support

Attractive Future Plugins

Public content

Admin UI

Incoming Feeds

Syndication system

Should outbound syndication be core?

It should be relatively easy to define an RSS feed for pretty much any collection of content.

Webpages should have automatic feeds for themselves

The ends of our use cases

Sophisticated workflow support

Through-the-web page compositing

Through the web forms

This one is actually pretty attractive to try to grab, but wouldn't be worthw hile until a lot of other things "just work"

Real collaborative content authorship and maintenance

Custom content based on user role or group