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Wudu by Mind Map: Wudu

1. Wudu Sunan

1.1. - using miswak, right before left, rinse extensivly, combining rinses, washing thrice, takhlil, using minimal water, supplications, 2 rakaat

2. Process of Wudu

2.1. -intention, baslmalah, wash hands, rinse mouth and nose, wash face, wash arms to elbow, wipe the head, wipe ears, wash feet up to ankles

3. Nullifiers

3.1. anything exiting from privates, loss of conscious, touching private parts, blood,

4. Requires Wudu

4.1. Prayers, Tawaf, Touching the Quran

5. Wudu Reccomened

5.1. Zikr, before sleeping, for adhan and iqama, beginning of ghusl, after nullifications, after eating cooked, for visiting the prophet ...