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COVID - 19 by Mind Map: COVID - 19

1. Origin of Virus

1.1. The first corona virus was discovered in Wuhan in 2019. This virus can infect animals and can be transmitted to humans. In case of Covid-19 it is suspected that it was transmitted by bats.

2. How Covid-19 Spreads

2.1. The spread can be from droplets such as sneezing that land on objects or surfaces which are touched by healthy people. Then this healthy person touches their eyes, nose or mouth. The corona virus can also spread when this tiny droplets are inhaled by a healthy person when they are in close proximity to an infected person.

3. Disease Symptoms

3.1. Day 1

3.1.1. Fever

3.1.2. Weak Body

3.1.3. Muscle/Joint Pian

3.1.4. Dizzy

3.2. Day 5

3.2.1. Having trouble breathing

3.3. Day 7

3.3.1. The average number of patients admitted to the hospitals

3.4. Day 8

3.4.1. Have a serious condition. 15% had acute respiratory distress syndrome

3.5. Day 10

3.5.1. Symptoms worsened, the patient experienced stomach disturbances resulting in loss of appetite. A small portion died from this symptom, around 2%.

4. Prevention

4.1. Always take care of your health

4.1.1. Sports

4.1.2. Dietary habits

4.1.3. Daily exercise

4.2. Wear a mask

4.3. Avoid physical contact

4.3.1. Gathering in crowded places

4.3.2. Unnecessary travel

4.4. Get used to washing hands