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Tag Questions by Mind Map: Tag Questions

1. Positive Tag

1.1. You know how to cook, don´t you?

1.2. She is very smart in mathematics, isn´t she?

2. Negative Tag

2.1. You don´t know how to cook, do you?

2.2. She isn´t very smart in mathematics, is she?

3. Present & Past Continious Tag

3.1. He is sleeping, isn’t he?

3.2. You are working this week, aren’t you?

3.3. She was ill last week, wasn’t she?

3.4. They were eating, weren’t they?

4. Present & Past Perfect

4.1. You have met my sister, haven’t you?

4.2. She has eaten my cake, hasn’t she?

4.3. You had spoken to Mary, hadn’t you?

5. Will & Modal verbs

5.1. It will be fine, won’t it?

5.2. She won’t tell anybody, will she?

5.3. You can’t take sugar, can you?

5.4. I should study hard, shouldn’t I?

5.5. He must be so sad, musn’t he?

6. Present & Past Simple

6.1. She runs really fast, doesn’t she?

6.2. They live in Belgium, don’t they?

6.3. You ate my biscuit, didn’t you?

6.4. It rained last night, didn’t it?

7. Have/Has (to-got)

7.1. He has a hamster, doesn’t he?

7.2. He has got a hamster, hasn’t he?

7.3. They have to eat, don’t they?

7.4. They have got to eat, haven’t they?