12 Cranial Nerves

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12 Cranial Nerves by Mind Map: 12 Cranial Nerves

1. Olfactory

1.1. Smell

1.1.1. Dysfunctions Include: Dysomia Hyposmia Anosmia Pressman, 2020)

2. Oculomotor

2.1. Eye Movement and pupil reflex

2.1.1. Dysfunctions Include: Fixation Saccadic eye movements Pursuit eye movements Advanced Vision Therapy Center, 2016

3. trigeminal

3.1. face sensation and chewing

3.1.1. Dysfunctions Include: trigeminal neuralgia National Institutes of Health, 2020

4. Facial

4.1. face movement and taste

4.1.1. Dysfunctions Include: Bell's palsy Ramsay Hunt Syndrome University Hospital Southampton, n.d.

5. Vagus

5.1. Movement, Sensation, and Abdominal Organs

5.1.1. Dysfunctions Include: Anxiety and Stress Conditions Blood Pressure Condiitions Fertility VAGUS NERVE DYSFUNCTION DISORDERS, n.d.

6. Hypoglossal

6.1. Movement, sensation, and Abdominal Organs

6.1.1. Dysfunctions Include: fasciculations of tongue Merck, 2020