"Laughter out of places" Chapter 4 & 5

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"Laughter out of places" Chapter 4 & 5 by Mind Map: "Laughter out of places" Chapter 4 & 5

1. crime and violence

1.1. Gloria ex-son-law got shot 8 times in the back of the head

1.1.1. Celso had to clean all the blood off the floor They knew the local gang would killed Adilson They was aware of who short him but couldnt speak because that wouldve prove them to do it on someone else

2. The upper and middle classes have relatively little exposure to the kind of violence experience by the poorest

2.1. Early 1990's, the favela had no more that few hundred resident, and the gang in felicidade eterna consisted of dilmarand four other men

2.1.1. if delmar making money from his position as gang leader, he was not investing it in his daily life in felicidade eterna.

3. Gloria response to Pedro death

3.1. Gloria was basically fed up with the situation

3.1.1. She accepted along time ago the route her son was taking. She try to figured out why her first both would turn into a criminal. Gloria try to share tear but none would come out.

4. Pedro release

4.1. In 1995, Pedro got release from prison.

4.1.1. He chose to return back to the same life before prison Join back his gang in Rocinha. He than took over his responsibilities as a father. He had a son with the woman named Joseline.

5. While he was in prison his found his "woman" was pregnant but was thinking about getting an abortion.

5.1. He wasn't satisfy about the word abortion

5.1.1. Pedro believe that a man job is to provide for his family and put food on the table and he should get whatever he wants in return. He threaten the woman when he found that she was thinking about getting an abortion. His word.... " she killed my child. Now , i am going to kill her"

6. Pedro was a fan of reggae music and politics that the reggae music mention.

6.1. He was a young and energetic man, but he was filled with anger.

7. Pedro was lock up for armed robbery

7.1. Unfortunately, he had no sympathy his only regret was that he should've invested into something else so that he wouldn't be broke.

7.1.1. Mention how he was wound up in prison Ilha prison inmate was a members of red command. almost every prisoner participate in that gang.

8. Chapter 4--No Time for Childhood.

9. Pedro Paulo life style

10. Chapter 5-- State terror, Gang,and everyday violence in Rio de Janeiro