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Entrepreneurship by Mind Map: Entrepreneurship

1. Employment

1.1. Job Opportunity

1.1.1. Lower number of unemployment

1.1.2. Gain job experience

1.2. Source of Income

1.2.1. Stable source of money

1.3. Increase in Productivity

1.3.1. Producing more goods or products

1.3.2. Providing more services

2. Wealth Creation

2.1. Business Creation

2.1.1. Job Creation Employees Oppurtunity for job seekers

2.1.2. Gain Profit Investment Savings Expences

2.1.3. Products and Services Demand Supply

2.2. Circulation of Money

2.2.1. Taxes Brings income to the government

2.2.2. Income Daily Expenses Buy Goods and Services

3. Community Development

3.1. Developing Societies

3.1.1. Industrialization Development of rural ares

3.1.2. Technological Breakthroughs Innovation Invention Makes work easier, faster and more accurate

3.2. Population Changes

3.2.1. Use of Resources

3.2.2. Production and employment Increase in population can lead to greater production and employment.

3.3. Establishment of Infastructures

3.3.1. Essential services becomes closer to houses Better way of living

4. Socio-Economic Development