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Forces by Mind Map: Forces

1. what?

1.1. Push & Pull

1.2. cannot be seen but can feel/observe the effect

1.3. Force is everywhere

2. why?

2.1. It helps us to move items

2.2. Force makes our life easier

2.3. It makes our work easier

3. how?

3.1. Force can be use to move heavy/light item

3.2. Force are use to make things or do things

4. Gravitational force

4.1. It is a type of force thatpulls everything towards Earth

5. Frictional force

5.1. A force that is proudce when two objects are rubbed against each other

5.1.1. opposes motion

5.1.2. produce heat

6. Elastic spring force

6.1. A force found in spring when they are stretched or compress

7. Magnetic force

7.1. A force caused by the pushing or pulling action of a magnet