Microwave Passive Devices

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Microwave Passive Devices by Mind Map: Microwave Passive Devices

1. It is used as mixer section for microwave radar receiver or as a part of a measurement system.

2. Attenuators

2.1. A device used to control the amount of microwave power transferred from one point to another on microwave transmission.

2.2. Types: 1.Fixed attenuator. 2.Variable attenuator.

2.3. Application: It is used to protect the circuit from damages caused by high voltage.

3. Co-axial cables

3.1. Co-axial cables are used for interconnect several microwave components.

3.2. It increases tensile strength of the cable and cost is less.

3.3. Types: 1.Rigid co-axial cables 2. Semi-rigid co-axial cables, 3.Flexible co-axial cables.

3.4. Application: This is used as transmission line for Radio frequency signals.

4. Phase Shifters

4.1. Two port device which produces a variable shift in phase of the incoming microwave signal.

4.2. Types: 1.Dielectric phase shifter, 2.Rotary phase shifter, 3.Hybrid phase shifter, 4.Precision phase shifter, 5.MIC phase shifter, 6.Reciprocal phase shifter, 7.Non reciprocal phase shifter.

4.3. Application: It is used for applications such as phase modulator, phase array antenna and other devices etc.

5. Waveguide Tees

5.1. This tees used to connect a branch or section of the waveguide in series or parallel.

5.2. Types: 1.E-plane(series), 2.H-plane(shunt).

5.3. Application: It has high power handling capacity.

6. Waveguide Teejunctions

6.1. Types: 1.H-Type T Junction, 2.E-Type T Junction.

6.2. Magic T Waveguide Junction, Hybrid Ring Waveguide junction.

6.3. The interconnections of two or more microwave devices uses this Tee junctions.

7. Co-axial connectors and adapters

7.1. Co-axial cable connectors are used to connect cables to other devices and are specifically designed to maintain the shielding on the cable.

7.2. Types: Amphenal Precision Connector, Bayonet Navy connector, Type-N, Sub-Miniature A.

7.3. Application: Co-axial cable connectors are used to connect to other devices and are specifically designed maintain the shielding on the cable, High quality connectors offer more reliable.