The make up of a make up

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The make up of a make up by Mind Map: The make up of a make up

1. Sub Question: How does make up enhance or destroy our skin?

2. Why?

2.1. Curiosity on how make up effects the skin

2.2. Have seen effects of make up on my skin

2.3. To understand till what extent should adolescents use their makeup

2.3.1. Chemistry of make up on our skin

3. Questions

3.1. How does the skin differ and change from an adolescents girls to a women?

3.2. Understand the chemical reactions with the products and our skin.

3.3. Know the herbal products which are sold in the market. And do they enhance our skin? How

3.4. What are the different types of makeup and what are the different types of skins?

4. Experts

4.1. dermatologist

4.1.1. New node

4.2. cosmetologist

4.3. Lakme Salon

4.4. Enrich Salon

5. Research

5.1. Different types of skins

5.1.1. Dry/Oily

5.1.2. Day/Night

5.1.3. Wheather

5.1.4. Alergic

5.1.5. products usded

5.2. Parts and functions of the skin

5.3. Chemical reactions with skin and makeup products

6. Mentor

6.1. Tanak Bajaj Grade 12

6.2. Kalyan Sir

7. Timeline

7.1. 1st month

7.1.1. Have expert interactions twice a week

7.1.2. Research about my questions

7.1.3. Research upon herbal product

7.2. 2nd Month

7.2.1. Understand the skin(parts and functions

7.2.2. Understand in depth about my question and its topics

8. Goals

8.1. Understand an adolescent girls skin

8.2. Getting to know about cosmetic theraphy

8.3. Being aware and making adolescents aware about their skin