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7capital Resource Center by Mind Map: 7capital Resource Center
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7capital Resource Center

I will providing some useful financial speedsheet to help you in your personal finance. This spread sheet are free to use and you may allow to distribute it. I hope this prove to be a valuable resources for you.

Tax-effective Transfer

Estate distribution

Tax treatment



Car loan


Insurance summary

Disability income analysis

Protection analysis

Travel Insurance

While searching for some other financial guides, I found this gem which might be useful to prepare for your overseas trip. A handy guide published by HPB Jan 2004.




This is a very useful retirement planning worksheet. It gives an impression of your required lump sum when you reached retirement. Project your current retirement assets and the shortfall of your retirement fund, if any. Various options on how to fund this shortfall are illustrated. If you want to know how to achieve it, talk to us then.

How long your $ last?



Goal setting

Simple financial goal setting worksheet.


Financial statement

Understand financial documents

Produced by IFPAS, IMAS, ABS, SGX together with MoneySense. A useful booklet to explain and illustrate the different type of financial documents. (March 2006 publication)


Regular Saving

Lump sum saving

Tertiary education planning


$1 to $2

The silence killer

Internal rate of return

Risk-reward association

Asset allocation

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Chew Hock Beng