Representative list of Distribution Opportunities

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Representative list of Distribution Opportunities by Mind Map: Representative list of Distribution Opportunities

1. Has an existing customer base but not currently selling life insurance

1.1. Amazon

1.1.1. Offering life insurance with better customer value/lower commissions | prime members | offering ST as voluntary benefit to marketplace sellers

1.2. Betterment

1.2.1. We have had preliminary discussions | exploring opportunity to leverage ST as voluntary benefit

2. Selling life insurance

2.1. SoFi

2.1.1. 2.5 million customer base | rapidly growing | actively expanding product line

2.2. Sproutt

2.2.1. Digital marketplace | 8% market share would be $2 million FYP

2.3. Policy Genius

2.3.1. An insurance marketplace, not an insurance company | They make money off of advertising commissions for various insurance sellers

2.4. Assurance IQ

2.4.1. Digital marketplace

3. Startup

3.1. Bubble

3.1.1. Bundling life with home mortgages | launching soon with a couple of carriers