What is 'evil'?

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What is 'evil'? by Mind Map: What is 'evil'?

1. The above information and research can be found in the following article A systematic review of the heritability of specific psychopathic traits using Hare's two-factor model of psychopathy - PubMed

2. What does it mean to be evil?

2.1. Causing pain to others.

2.2. morally wrong person

2.3. committing the worst acts possible to people example rape/murder.

3. What are evil deeds?

3.1. committing murder

3.2. committing rape

3.3. committing incest

4. Is evil genetic?

4.1. Yes I personally believe evil is genetic.

4.2. Example 1) There is much research and debate what some mental illnesses can be genetically spread to your child, for example depression, anxiety, bipolar, psychosis and much more, and so these mental illnesses are all adaptable towards shaping and moulding someone with these issues evil

5. Is evil learned?

5.1. Yes evil can also be learnt

5.2. There is a so much resources and experiments as well as articles which have shown evidence that evil can be taught to people, especially towards children, this is is because children are moulded into what they're parents teach them, the following link shows an article which shows evidence of evil being taught and the effect of this