Develop a suitable leadership package to be delivered virtually across One Co-op

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Develop a suitable leadership package to be delivered virtually across One Co-op by Mind Map: Develop a suitable leadership package to be delivered virtually across One Co-op

1. Platforms available to deliver virtual

1.1. Teams

1.1.1. Current subscription has limited uses but is being developed ongoing

1.2. Zoom

1.2.1. Licences purchased but no finance to purchase more licences

1.3. Sype

1.4. Webex

1.4.1. Current subscription testing required

2. Business Sectors

2.1. Food

2.1.1. CMI Leadership 5 day pacakage, Boost, Excellnce, Core and apprenticships Food orientated not suitable for use outside food business

2.2. Funeral

2.2.1. CMI Leadership 5 day package, Apprenticeship Funeral orientated not suitable to use across business functions

2.3. Logistics

2.3.1. Outsources operational training, Introducing CMI into logistics No further information avaialble

2.4. Legal

2.4.1. Core program and induction No further information avaialble

2.5. Other Co-op's

2.5.1. No information available

2.6. Franchises

2.6.1. No information avaialble

3. Technology available in the field

3.1. Food have Samsung Tablets

3.1.1. Basic tablets with limited battery life and capability

3.2. Funeral have tablets with limited capacity and functionality

3.2.1. Basic tablets with limited capacity

3.3. Legal have laptops / Surface Pro devices

3.3.1. No issues with technology available

3.4. Limited tablets in Depot's, Laptops available

4. Ability to use technology

4.1. Never used a tablet or similar device

4.2. No experience on virtual platforms and the functions available to use

4.3. Technology available isn't compatible with the platform of choice

4.4. Limited availability to be able to use the technology for the period of time needed

4.5. What the technology is currently needed for and the amount of time it will be available for the time required

5. Well-being

5.1. Screen time

5.1.1. Need to limit the continual screen time build in breaks

5.2. Breaks

5.2.1. Sufficient breaks and screen free time

5.3. Location

5.3.1. Work Noise Interuptions Working Day Concentration levels Doing the day job at break times

5.3.2. Home Working Time regulations Paid for training time No funding for expenses

5.4. Delegates

5.4.1. Psychological safety

5.4.2. Confidentiality

5.4.3. Safe environment

5.4.4. Feel part of the group

5.4.5. Interaction is suitable

5.5. Facilitators

5.5.1. Participation

5.5.2. Not talking to camera's off