'The Rattrap' by Selma Lagerlof

‘The Rattrap’ by Selma Lagerlof

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'The Rattrap' by Selma Lagerlof by Mind Map: 'The Rattrap' by Selma Lagerlof

1. Setting: This story is set amidst the mines of Sweden, rich in iron ore which figure large in the history of that country. The story is told somewhat in the manner of a fairy tale.

2. Characters

2.1. The Peddler

2.2. Edla Wilmansson

2.3. The Ironmaster

2.4. The Old Man

3. The story begins with rattraps and ends with a rattrap as a present for someone who has helped a rat to get free from the rattrap. Even the middle of the story revolves round the rattrap. The actions of the peddler after he steals thirty kronor of the old crofter reveal the inner conflicts, tensions and lack of peace of a person who touches the bait of temptation. Renunciation of the temptation helps in redemption.

4. Theme: Most human beings are prone to fall into the trap of material benefit. However, every human being has an essential goodness that can be awakened through understanding and love. A human being has the tendency to redeem himself from dishonest ways.

5. My Rating : 9.8/10

6. An excellent story portraying the truth of the universe

7. The world entices a person through the various good things of life such as riches and joy, shelter and food, heat and clothing. These were just like the baits in the rattrap. Once someone is tempted by the bait, the world closed on him. The peddler was tempted by thirty kronor of the crofter. It makes him hide himself. He walks through the wood. He is afraid to go to the Manor house. He gets peace only after returning the bait (money).