Cloud Monitoring SLOs

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Cloud Monitoring SLOs by Mind Map: Cloud Monitoring SLOs

1. Istio

1.1. Standard metrics

1.1.1. Metrics

1.1.2. Labels Canonical Service group of workloads that implement the same service(s) and API(s) A workload

2. Glossary

2.1. ASM Anthos Service Name

3. Constructs

3.1. services

3.1.1. Name, dsiplayName, userLabels

3.1.2. one of custom Place holder pending final design istioCanonicalService Anthos cluster with ASM >= 1.6.8 meshUid, canonicalServiceNamespace, canonicalService meshIstio Anthos cluster with ASM < 1.6.8 meshUid, serviceNamespace, serviceName clusterIstio deprecated one single GKE cluster location, clustername, servicenamespace, servicename appEngine moduleId

3.1.3. Telemetry resourceName that defince this service

3.2. services.serviceLevelObjectives

3.2.1. Name, dsiplayName, userLabels max 500 SLOs / service

3.2.2. goal % as 0.xx

3.2.3. one of rollingPeriod duration calendarPeriod beging at midnigth UTC

3.2.4. serviceLevelIndicator one of basicSli requestBased windowsBased