Identifying and Helping Struggling Students

Identifying and Helping Struggling Students

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Identifying and Helping Struggling Students by Mind Map: Identifying and Helping  Struggling Students

1. The process of helping struggling students

1.1. Step1 : Gather formation and data of the students

1.2. Step 2:Analysis students needs

1.3. Step 3: Talk with the students privately

1.4. Step 4: Use differentiated instructions

1.5. Step 5: Observe the students after step 3 and step4, if no improvement, then talk with other teachers to form an action plan together

1.6. Step 6: Talk with the schools administrators and inform the parents about the students

1.7. Step 7: Having a meeting with parents,school administrators and special needs teacher if available

1.8. Step 8: Create an action plan to try the interventions on the students with the permission of their parents

1.9. Step 9: Monitor and analysis students academic and behavior performance

1.10. Step 10: Updated intervention results on school administrators and students parents regularly

2. Identifying struggling students

2.1. 1) Keep falling on meeting the academic performance expectation

2.2. 2) Having difficulties following instructions

2.3. 3) Lack of motivation

2.4. 4) Behaving inappropriately

2.5. 5) Having conflicts with peers

2.6. 6) Showing frustrations and being moody for a long period of time

3. Supporting struggling students

3.1. Differentiated instruction

3.2. Scaffolding

3.3. Graphic organizers

3.4. Build en entire cycle of support

3.5. Parents involvement

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