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Freedom by Mind Map: Freedom

1. Raising my game

1.1. Education

1.1.1. 3D Studio

1.1.2. 3D studio in Berlin

1.1.3. Further education in Berlin

1.1.4. Check out the universities here creative

1.1.5. QS or chartered surveyor Rory Scott Construction project manager Chartered Building Surveyor list of questions to theses guys company info course info other people they know info work experience info CBS or Construction PM Tom Coates Edward White George Venning Spencer HWs Andy Prior Mark Whitson Working Freelance Agencies specific to this Advertised dream job roles set the goal

1.1.6. Language Schools and Strategy

1.1.7. New node

1.2. new work experience

1.2.1. exhibitions company mems international Reed exhibitions Gielissen New node

1.2.2. retail interiors company

1.2.3. exhibitions build company

1.2.4. shoppfitting company

1.2.5. Employment agencies Germany Randstad IKEA stores Addeco Hays United Kingdom RHR Mustard Jobs

2. Going it alone selling or servicing

3. Company Research

3.1. Exhibitions Companies

3.2. Companies which have sponsorship apprentice schemes

3.3. Constructions Companies

3.4. Property managment companies

3.4.1. CBRE

3.4.2. Capita Simons

4. look for a winter IKEA project

4.1. Have I exhausted these avenues

4.2. Trevor in Switzerland

4.3. France

4.4. Norway

4.5. Canada

4.6. Plug contacts

4.6.1. Chris

4.6.2. Ulli

4.6.3. Alexander

4.6.4. Other facebook Freelancers

5. Berlin for a Year to soak it up and plug in

5.1. Hanging on Norway

6. What about creative bit

6.1. Berlin Ideas

6.2. Peru ideas

6.3. product ideas

6.4. space ideas

6.5. New node