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OpenSpires by Mind Map: OpenSpires
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1) Key Definitions

What does OER mean?

What is OpenSpires?

3) OpenSpires OER Collections

Oxford Podcasts Portal: Podcasts can be released through this portal under a CC license. Through the OpenSpires project there been over 220 series released containing around 3,000 items as of November 2011.

Politics in Spires: Collaborative blog sharing thoughts on politics and international relations from scholars at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

Great Writers Inspire: Inspirational collections of literature OER collected by themes and by writers

WW1 Centenary: Continuations and Beginnings: Collections of free OER for teaching new perspectives on World War I, curated by experts in the field.

4) The Story So Far

OpenSpires and Oxford’s own podcast page was launched in 2009. Academics who were already interested in podcasting were approached in order to open up the licensing of what they wanted to release. Creative Commons licensing is perfectly designed for this kind of reuse, and Oxford have developed a licence that releases materials that can be reused, repurposed and remixed with the stipulations that they must be properly attributed and that they may not be used commercially. It is through this enterprising attitude that JISC funding was attracted for OpenSpires.

OpenSpires secured JISC Funding 2009-2012, each year of which has had a different focus: Release, Reuse and Discovery.

2) Why Use OER?

Reasons to release

Reasons to reuse

Common Fears Answered

5) How to:

Find Information About Licensing

Sign up to IT Services Courses

Access OER Tools and Course Materials

7) Further Information


Online Scholarly Literature

(2011) JISC Open Educational Resources Programme: Phase 2, OER IMPACT STUDY: RESEARCH REPORT

(2010) JISC OER Synthesis and Evaluation Project Reports

6) Where to find OER