Interview with #106. President Student Association

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Interview with #106. President Student Association by Mind Map: Interview with #106. President  Student Association

1. Motivation

1.1. Getting more involved than just the classes

1.2. Wanted hands on experience

1.3. results

1.3.1. huge networks

1.3.2. contacts in start ups start ups attracted by social media power Fish Burner incubator "grew the intrigue from doing different things"

1.4. at 1st build up resume

1.5. build a vibrant culture

1.6. don't care about recognition

1.7. proof

1.7.1. skipped classes

1.7.2. minimum attendance the last 2 years lack of interest

2. Attributes

2.1. Control freak

2.2. computer savvy

2.2.1. passion in cloud computing Intrigue

2.3. Curious

2.3.1. all family "complacent workers", don't challenge themselves

2.4. Want to be challenged

3. Work experience

3.1. big accounting firm

3.1.1. "corporate is not for me"

3.2. AAPT

3.2.1. okay, because in a new division in start up mode

4. What

4.1. Run professional events

4.1.1. Give opportunities to the students

4.2. social

4.2.1. 1 party with 3 universities

4.3. help other people

4.4. Camp for 150 people

4.4.1. improved based on the feedback

4.5. The Founder Institute

4.5.1. Global incubator

4.5.2. Build Mentorship Learned that idea is nothing without execution Bring mentors from local start ups bring international mentors Adeo Ressi

4.5.3. for people of any age

5. Back to table of content

6. What I would change

6.1. I should have dropped earlier

6.2. Now I need to finish to comply

7. How to motivate team

7.1. Build sense of camaraderie

7.1.1. drinks

7.2. challenge to motivate them

7.2.1. they are in for resume padding

8. Hero/Mentor

9. Serendipity

9.1. Start

9.1.1. Old guys approached his class

9.1.2. 1st helper

9.1.3. 2nd took over when they left