Interview with #201. Importing Swedish Posture (apparel)

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Interview with #201. Importing Swedish Posture (apparel) by Mind Map: Interview with #201. Importing Swedish Posture (apparel)

1. Attributes

1.1. Love to learn

1.1.1. Google

1.1.2. Common Sense

1.1.3. Uni

1.2. Always independant

1.3. Control freak

1.3.1. "I don't think I would know how to split up my business"

2. Motivation

2.1. Hungry to learn

2.2. Love to meet the targets I set for myself

2.3. wanted to do something different

3. Start

3.1. 1) Innovation & Entrepreneurship class at UTS

3.1.1. planted the seed

3.2. 2) Went back to Sweden but not motivated to work in HR

3.3. 3) Met a friend of a friend and sold products at a fair

3.3.1. "I think that could work in Australia"

3.4. 4) Arrive in Australia in Jan 2012

4. Business savvy

4.1. I didn't know enough from taking business at UTS

4.2. It helps to have these skills but can be time consuming

5. Serendipity

5.1. "Small amount of luck, it's the decisions you make."

5.2. My parents introduced me to the founder of the company.

6. Hero / mentor

6.1. the founder of the Swedish Company

6.1.1. frame everything positively

6.1.2. always look for opportunities

7. What I would change

7.1. I would do more marketing

7.2. Prepare the business more before coming to Australia

7.3. ask for more help from the swedish company

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