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1. Just-in-time Learning

1.1. Use unconference, inquiry, do-shop strategies in meetings and "workshops"

2. Any time, everywhere spaces

2.1. Use Blackboard Collaborate for a digital world "book club" (exploring digital tools, ideas, etc.)

3. Fluid, flexible structures

4. Transparent, "out-loud" learning

4.1. Continue collaborative blogs to share our learning

4.2. Share SD68 "mini-teds" of our learning as we are learning

5. Diversity as gift

5.1. Build an inventory of strengths

6. We are stronger together

6.1. Participation Matters

6.1.1. Use/model technology to support, enhance, showcase participation.

6.1.2. Use/model participatory strategies relentlessly game design Pecha Kucha: ideas from our community as highlight

6.1.3. Use digital surveys and polls to support wider participation

7. Sharing is power

7.1. Use technology as sharing tool

7.1.1. Sharepoint Portal

7.1.2. Wiki

7.1.3. Twitter

7.1.4. Blog

7.1.5. Connections Newsletter

8. Openness and curiosity

8.1. Use sincere inquiry

8.2. Ask different questions

8.3. Share ideas from our global community

9. Expertise is everywhere.

9.1. Relentlessly connect the experts in our own community (including students)

9.2. Use technology to connect with experts globally

10. We are all learners

10.1. Use learn by doing strategies

10.1.1. Become residents

11. New node