What fighting in the weastern front was like


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What fighting in the weastern front was like by Mind Map: What fighting in the weastern front was like

1. diferent from mounted infantry

2. infantry

2.1. carries usally rifles or pistols

2.1.1. used boltrifles,semi automatic pistols and machine guns

2.2. usually stayed in trenches

2.3. training was usally lasted 12 to 14 weeks

3. cavalry

3.1. soldiers who fought in horses

3.2. provides unexpected atacks

3.2.1. each cavalry force required a large amount of horses

3.3. used weapons

4. artillery

4.1. used to describe large-calibre mounted field guns

4.2. consisted of the militari´s heavy firearms.

4.2.1. they needed crews of up to 12 men to work them

4.3. its purpose was to fire explosive- filled projectiles across large distances

5. tanks

5.1. tanks were developed as a solution to the trench warefare stalemate on the Weastern Front

5.1.1. its purpose was to overwhelm the enemy

5.2. 1st tank in 1915

5.2.1. 1916: 1st war where tanks were used. 49 vehicles

5.3. tanks had genders -male had cannons - female had machine guns

6. trenches

6.1. they were made of sand,wood and mud

6.1.1. they were under ground and very cold

6.2. its main purpose was to protect them from poison gas

6.3. no man´s land

6.3.1. 80% dead

7. poison gas

7.1. military stragety

7.1.1. any gas that is also poison

7.2. gasses and their effects

7.3. france: first country to use gas - tear gas

7.3.1. germany 2nd