Using my laptop

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Using my laptop by Mind Map: Using my laptop

1. Manufacturing

1.1. keyboard

1.1.1. molding keys from an injection mold

1.1.2. moving the molded keys out of the injection mold

1.1.3. socketing the molded keys with a number of corresponding switches of a board by using a taking-out device

1.1.4. pressing the molded keys tightly together with the corresponding switches so as to form a complete keyboard.

1.2. Mouse

1.2.1. molded computer mouse's exterior, Material's needed for Manufacturing Transportation

1.2.2. ABS plastic is used

1.2.3. steel is used

1.2.4. The LED Light Emitter

1.2.5. connection wires/infrared signals

2. Electricity Consumption

2.1. Hydroelectric Powerplants

2.1.1. Turbine

2.1.2. penstock

2.1.3. Pipeline Manufacturing of these things Materials needed for manufacturing

2.1.4. Transformer

2.1.5. Generator

2.1.6. Power Transmission Cables

3. Disposal

3.1. Transportation

3.1.1. Disposing at landfills

4. Material Making