face to face conversation

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face to face conversation by Mind Map: face to face conversation

1. get an immediate response without misunderstanding

1.1. unfortunately, happen a lot when talking to people online

1.2. people misinterpret the message

1.2.1. unless you speak directly, don't have opportunity to explain and clear up loose ends

2. not only hear a response but also see how they are feeling

2.1. from they body Language and facial expression

2.2. when a person Look directly info your eyes =>they are interested and paying attention

2.2.1. allows us have good communication

2.2.2. exchange info btw speakers, listeners

2.2.3. connect to them at deeper level

3. boots efficiency

3.1. instead of spending an entire day elmailing back and forth

3.1.1. can hash out all of the details of a project in one go

4. require a lot of time and costlier

4.1. during social distancing periods

4.1.1. if you live in a different country=>FTF work out well

5. not be suitable for who are nervous/pour communicators