Snake Game

The snake game example of mind mapping

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Snake Game by Mind Map: Snake Game

1. Rules

1.1. Snake starts at a random point on the screen

1.2. The game screen has borders which prevent that snake from travelling past the screen.

1.3. The snake begins moving in a random direction.

1.4. The user interacts with the snake and tries to prevent the snake from crossing its own tail.

1.5. If the snake crosses its own tail the users loses

1.6. The longer the user continues to prevent the snake catching its own tail, the more points are accumulated

1.7. Game screen changes after 90 seconds

2. Commands

2.1. The user has the option of using either WASD or the four arrow keys to direct the snake away from destruction

2.2. Use the enter key to start the game

3. Graphics

3.1. Use 2D graphics

3.2. Python language using Tkinter as the graphics module

3.3. Screen outlay can change upon completing first game screen

4. Scoring

4.1. 1 point per 4 sec of life

4.2. Bonus 10 points for reaching 40

4.3. Bonus 5 points for reaching the next screen (90 sec)

5. Number of Users

5.1. One

6. Goals

6.1. User to best his/her previous score

6.2. Users to prevent snake from catching its own tail (that is game over)

7. Plot

7.1. The snake will win if you can't prevent it from catching its own tail

7.2. The snakes length will decrease by one unit if it eats an apple on the screen