Heart of the City II

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Heart of the City II by Mind Map: Heart of the City II

1. Events

1.1. Rugby League World Cup

1.2. World Snooker Championships

1.3. Sheffield 10K

1.3.1. Issues Influx of visitors Busier public transport and roads Busy in town centre Increased footfall around construction site Road closures Material delivery difficult

1.4. Tramlines Festival

2. Large-scale issues

2.1. Brexit

2.1.1. Issues with international haulage Consider non-foreign goods Liaise with Revenue and Customs

2.1.2. Movement of seasonal/temporary workers Minimise workforce Liaise with UK Visas and Immigration

2.1.3. Increased price in goods (5.2%) Explore cheaper alternatives for materials Monitor and reduce waste

2.2. Coronavirus

2.2.1. Illness of employees Provide accessible testing to employees Ensure that responsibilities can be transferred Provide PPE

3. Seasonal issues

3.1. Winter

3.1.1. Inclement weather Cover unfinished construction and fresh concrete Ensure employees are suitably dressed

3.1.2. Christmas highways embargo Plan developments for before or after this period Explore alternative forms of goods delivery

3.2. Bank holidays

3.2.1. No delivery or progression on construction Account for slower progress on these days

4. HOC II developments

4.1. Buildings A,E,F,G

4.1.1. Due to be completed in 2022/23/24 Require long-term planning

4.2. Buildings B,C

4.2.1. Due to be completed this year Require more attention in the short-term May still face issues due to Coronavirus