ADDIE - 5 steps to effective training

Katie's ADDIE Mindmap

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ADDIE - 5 steps to effective training by Mind Map: ADDIE - 5 steps to effective training

1. Develop-course/training is developed using the prototype

1.1. Creation of course by developer

1.2. create videos, audio, annimations assmessments, graphics

1.3. QA course checking for consistancy, errors, improvements

2. Implement- training/course is deplyed

2.1. Delivery of trainning/course

2.2. Did learners achieve the desired result?

2.3. Did assessments tell what was needed to know?

3. Analysis- Who? What? When? Where? Why?

3.1. In this begining phase, the instructional problem is identified.

3.2. Goals are made to bridge the gap between current state and desired state of performance.

3.3. Who is the learner and what prior knowledge do they have?

3.4. What kind of timeline do we have to reach the desired outcomes?

3.5. What are the delivery options? Web-based? instructor led?

3.6. How much money is budgeted for this training?

4. Design - plans are made for the training following the analysis.

4.1. Determine Learning Objectives

4.2. Create structure of the training/course based on Learning objectives

4.3. Select interface (face to face, online, blended

4.4. Design layout based on the structure This includes layout of text, navigation, graphic/video orientation

4.5. Storyboard the pages of the training/course

4.6. Develop scrpts

4.7. Choose assemssment method

4.8. Prototype created

4.9. LMS

5. Evaluate- review of training/course

5.1. Feedback and data collected to identifiy the effectiveness of training/course.

5.2. were learners able to apply what they learned?