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NeoDX R&D by Mind Map: NeoDX R&D

1. Products in the market

1.1. COVID-19 Products

1.1.1. CoviDx mPlex 4R SARS-Cov-2-RT-PCR

1.1.2. CoviDx Assure SARS-Cov-2-RT-PCR

1.1.3. CoviDx Detect SARS-Cov-2-RT-PCR

1.1.4. NucleoDx RT- RNA Extraction Kit

2. Products being Developed

2.1. RT-PCR Assays

2.1.1. CoviFluDx Screening Influenza A/B and SARS-CoV-2 in human respiratory sample specimens.

2.1.2. Fertizo RT-PCR Kit detection of Human Papilloma Virus

2.1.3. NeoDx OncoDx BCR-ABL Presence of Major (Mbcr) p210 and Minor (mbcr) p190 BCR-ABL transcripts in a single tube multiplex reaction

2.1.4. NeoDx TripleH Human Hepatitis Viruses B and C Human Immunodeficiency Viruses 1.

2.1.5. MucorAllDx PAN Mucorales species Rhizopus spp, Mucor spp, Lichtheimia spp, Cunninghamella spp Rhizomucor spp

2.1.6. ImmunoDx HLA-B27 Human Leukocyte Antigen B27 in whole blood.

2.2. Rapid Antigen Kits

2.2.1. NeoCheck - Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Kit for Professional use

2.2.2. NeoCheck - Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Kit for Self Testing

2.3. NeoCheck - home sample collection Kit

2.4. Viral Transport Medium

2.5. Molecular Transport Medium

2.6. NeoDx Magnetic bead extraction kit

2.7. nCircle hydrophobic slide marker

2.8. LabNetX software - LabNetX Molecular Biology Simplified

3. Products ready for sales and regulatory approvals

3.1. BCR-ABL

3.2. Single plex Quantitative Assays

3.2.1. HIV Quantitative RT-PCR detection kit

3.2.2. HBV Quantitative RT-PCR detection kit

3.2.3. HCV Quantitative RT-PCR detection kit

3.3. TriplH Qualitative Assay

3.4. MucorAllDx

3.5. CoviDx mPlex Fast Plex / Direct Plex

3.6. niCircle Pen

4. Products being Conceptualized

4.1. Hana Health Portfolio