Manager & Management

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Manager & Management by Mind Map: Manager & Management

1. Controlling includes monitoring performance, comparing it with goals, and correcting any significant deviations.

2. Who are manager ? Where do they work?

2.1. Organization: A deliberate arrangement of people brought together to accomplish a specific purpose

2.1.1. goal

2.1.2. People

2.1.3. Structure

2.2. manager: individuals in organization who direct the activies of others

3. Management Function

3.1. Planning: includes defining goals, establishing strategy, and developing plans to coordinate activities.

3.2. Organizing includes determining which tasks need to be done and by whom, how tasks are to be grouped, who reports to whom, and who will make decisions.

3.3. Leading includes motivating employees, selecting the most effective communication channel, and resolving conflicts.

4. Managers

4.1. Top Managers: CEO, President

4.2. Middle Managers: District managers, Division managers

4.3. Firts- Line Managers: Supervior, Leader

5. Management

5.1. Management: Process of getting things done effectively & efficiently

5.2. Effectivelness: Doing the right things

5.3. Efficiency: Doing things right

6. Manager's Skills

6.1. Conceptual skills: Analyzing and diagnosing complex situations to see how things fit together and to facilitate making good decisions.

6.2. Interpersonal skills: Working well with other people both individually and in groups by communicating, motivating, mentoring, and delegating.

6.3. Technical skills: Job-specific knowledge, expertise, and techniques needed to perform work tasks.

6.4. Political skills: Building a power base and establishing the right connections so they can get needed resources for their groups.

7. Changes important to organizations and managers

7.1. Innovation

7.2. Customers

7.3. Sustainability

7.4. Managers Matter!

8. Manager's Roles

8.1. Interpersonal Roles

8.2. Informationl Roles

8.3. Decisional Roles