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1. auxiliary verb

1.1. CAN

1.1.1. offer Can I do anything for you?

1.1.2. permission You can use my pencils

1.1.3. ability I can read a book in one week.

1.1.4. possibility She can be really sad

1.1.5. request Can you be quiet?

1.2. COULD

1.2.1. suggestion You could write a letter to your friend

1.2.2. permission (more polite) Could I ask you a personal question?

1.2.3. ability When I was a child I could jump the rope.

1.2.4. possibility He could be one who stole the money.

1.2.5. request (more polite) Could you borrow your pencil, please?

1.3. HAVE TO

1.3.1. obligation I have to wear an uniform in my school.

1.3.2. necessity I have to brush my teeth I have to drink two litters of water