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Global Warming by Mind Map: Global Warming
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Global Warming

Representations of Climate Change in Media

Is the rate of species extinction exaggerated by the media?

Conservative media outlets have an agenda to dissuade is from thinking about a problem. This is, in itself, a problem

The Realities of Climate Change

If we don't rethink the way we are living and consuming natural resources, we will make the planet uninhabitable for human life.

Scientific evidence suggests that the earth is getting warmer.

Who does climate change hurt?

People who live in environmentally precarious areas

People who are used to living a certain lifestyle

Why don't we care about Climate Change?

It seems like a far off problem that doesn't really affect our lives

It seems like too big of a problem so we get overwhelmed by the immensity of it all

Moral and ethical arguments

We have a responsibility to our Children

The earth is not our own (theology)

we have a responsibility to all forms of life, not just humans