Exploring the Possibilities for Regenerating Market Hill in Sudbury

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Exploring the Possibilities for Regenerating Market Hill in Sudbury by Mind Map: Exploring the Possibilities for Regenerating Market Hill in Sudbury

1. Skills Development Opps

1.1. Skills Needed

1.1.1. Progress tracking and review

1.1.2. Gantt charts

1.1.3. Primary research e.g. surveys

1.1.4. Source referencing, evaluation

1.2. Skills to develop

1.2.1. Time management

1.2.2. Digital design e.g. CAD

1.2.3. Secondary research e.g. internet

1.2.4. Documenting research (via Project Diary)

2. Is it Level 3?

2.1. Focused and achievable- field of research being limited to area of Market Hill only, final outcome being an artefact of urban design + assessment of commercial and leisure space within certain physical parameters

2.2. Offers good scope for development- final outcome (artist impression) can continuously be drafted and improved. Research conducted can be taken from variety of areas in terms of people, council and expert input. External factors can also be considered in terms of environment, future generational use and thus sustainability.

3. Project Specific Skills

3.1. Drawing from observation

3.2. CAD via Google Sketchup alongside artist impression- is this doable? Need to relearn Sketchup tools first

3.3. Shopper surveys around Market Hill

3.4. Emailing local council about planned development

3.5. Primary research availability- see above

3.6. Advice from experts suited to project i.e. urban planners - interviewing skills + formal emails

3.7. Ethical factors to be evaluated such as legalities in building, environmental impact of space

4. Aim/Outcome

4.1. Artefact + report + presentation

4.2. Outcome being an impression of what Market Hill could look like for the next century based on research

5. Resources

5.1. Surveys for shoppers around Market Hill- ask people about their thoughts on the area in terms of commercial, environmental and aesthetic views

5.2. Emailing Suffolk Council (who own Market Hill area)

5.3. Local urban planner contact- expert advice

5.4. Secondary sources- online articles about Market Hill, Market hill's history, similar rejuvenation projects on the news

5.5. Primary sources- case law for urban planning, information gathered from interviews

5.6. CAD- Google Sketchup

6. Rationale

6.1. Interest in architecture- intend to study architecture and engineering course at university

6.2. Intend to pursue architecture as a career and would like to gain project management skills out of this EPQ considering it is an integral part to planning buildings

6.3. Personal connection as the area is within my hometown

6.4. Main interest in the architecture field is exploring how buildings are central to human society and can improve various aspects of it

6.5. Also want to utilize my skills in digital design, potentially exploring the use of computer aided design software