Why Blogging Is So Important?

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Why Blogging Is So Important? by Mind Map: Why Blogging Is So Important?

1. Blog can attract new client/customers

1.1. Customer engagement increases

1.2. One place to store you ideas and thoughts

2. Building personal image

2.1. talk to your audience directly

2.2. Blog can help you promote

2.2.1. your message is loud and clear

2.2.2. you can send traffic to your other channels

3. Blog can help you advertise

3.1. cost effective and to the point

4. help you sell your product/services

5. The Pattern of reading has been changed.

5.1. earlier it was news paper ,

5.2. Weekly newsletter

5.3. Monthly Newsletter

5.4. Mobile users increased

5.5. Everything on finger tips

6. Differentiate your brand

6.1. People know more about you

6.2. You can present yourself easily

6.3. This is you own property like other eg-land , can, house ect.

7. You can earn money through blog

7.1. applying AdSense