Short notes about Halal In Mind Map Form

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HALAL by Mind Map: HALAL

1. Requirements

1.1. Shariah (contamination)

1.1.1. Contamination Shariah Najs Non-Halal Materials Food safety

1.2. Regulatory (acts & regulation)

1.2.1. Acts & regulations NPRA: cosmetic, pharmaceutical Food Act 1983 Food Regulation 1985 Food Hygiene Regulation 2009

1.2.2. Approval, licenses, permit FSQD: food DVS: import meat PBT: business license

1.2.3. Government directives JAKIM JAIN

1.3. Technical (systems)

1.3.1. Hygiene & sanitation

1.3.2. Safety HACCP, FSMS, MeSTI (Notes: if the product besides food, called as efficacy)

1.3.3. Quality : GMP

2. References

2.1. MS1500:2019

2.1.1. 4.1 management responsibility

2.1.2. 4.2 Premises and facilities

2.1.3. 4.3 Devices, utensils, machines, processing aids and equipments

2.1.4. 4.4 Hygiene, sanitation and food safety

2.1.5. 4.5 Processing

2.1.6. 4.6

2.1.7. 4.7 Packaging and labelling

2.1.8. 4.8 Legal requirements

2.2. MPPHM

2.2.1. Section II

2.2.2. Section IV 17 general requirements 18 specific requirements based on industry

2.3. Fatwa

2.3.1. Referred to each states

3. MHMS 2020

3.1. IHCS

3.1.1. Micro Sale (RM) < 300K

3.1.2. Small Sale (RM) 300K-15M

3.1.3. Small

3.2. HAS

3.2.1. Medium Sale (RM) 15 - 50M

3.2.2. Large Sale (RM) > 50 M

4. Halal File

4.1. IHCS

4.1.1. Halal Policy Halal Policy : Refers to documents comply to the requirement and commitment. (Under Clause 4.1) Satu kesalahan kalau tidak dilaksanakan dibawah MS1500 dan kalau tidak ada Halal Policy dibawah juga satu kesalahan dibawah MPPHM Element in the Halal Policy • Statement of commitment • Comply to the requirement: o MS1500 o MPPHM o Fatwa • Quality/Toyyiban • Incudes all stakeholder: o Management o Employee o Vendor o supplier • Sufficient resources: o Manpower o Facility o Finance o Infrastructure • Continuous improvement

4.1.2. Flowchart by responsibility/department

4.1.3. Control of raw material Standard operating procedure

4.1.4. Traceability Traceability procedure (HACCP, GMP, ISO22000) can be integrated with other available system

4.2. HAS

5. Halal Control Point (CP) for ingredients in syubhah status, so need to have supporting documents.

5.1. Source

5.1.1. Plant

5.1.2. Alcohol

5.1.3. Animal

5.1.4. Microbial product

5.2. Categories of RM/ingredients

5.2.1. Critical Issue 1: Gelatine - Mixed of Halal & Non-Halal Type Supporting documents that MUST HAVE Explanation Meat, milk, animal (fat, enzyme) Supporting doc Valid halal certification that is recognized by JAKIM/ Foreign Halal Certified Body (FHCB), still valid, have serial no/signature/manufacturer address

5.2.2. Semi-critical Explanation Any halal ingredients/material that are processed Supporting doc • Valid halal certificate (kalau nak renew, takde pun takpe) • Process flow chart • Product specification • SDS/MSDS/CoA • Other related documents Issue 2: Filtered water if not processed, categorized as non-critical if processed, categorized as semi-critical whether RO or other filtration treatments

5.2.3. Non-critical Explanation Supporting doc Non-critical, naturally halal, not processed Suppliers information (for traceability)