Learning and Assessmemment

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Learning and Assessmemment by Mind Map: Learning and Assessmemment

1. Both impact the results of an assessment

1.1. New node

2. Reliability

2.1. The reliability of an assessment tool is important as it accurately measures learning.

2.1.1. Helps with consistent results

2.1.2. Can determine accurately student's level of achievement.

2.1.3. If reliable can be used over and over

2.1.4. Can help determine where changes need to be made for better results

3. Validity

3.1. Face Validity

3.1.1. Appropriate assessments?

3.2. Content Validity

3.2.1. Does content cover what we are trying to assess?

3.3. Criterion-Related Validity

3.3.1. How well does test measure what we want it to?

3.4. Construct Validity

3.4.1. Are you accurately measuring what you want to measure with this particular assessment

4. Important to use Validity and Reliability

4.1. Teacher must balance the reliability of the assessment tool while using flexibility

4.1.1. Meet Student Individual needs

4.1.2. Use other evidence to make judgments